Crown of the Kobold King

The Children Are Missing!

A long walk though Darkmoon Vale

Everyone arrived in Falcons Hallow, and proceeded to visit the Sitting Duck. They learned of the missing children, and Bazbere decided to go talk with the people of the town. He then recruited other adventures to join him to help find the missing kids. Three adventures (Rikken, Trit, and Clarrise) stand by Bazbere’s side as they journey down the path towards the kids last know location, an orphanage located on the edge of Darkmoon Vale.

While searching the orphanage, they came across a trap door leading to a cellar that contained a corpse. Trit went to inspect the body of Elara, the crazy owner of the orphanage, when a swarm of spiders exploded out of the corpse. The team used fire to burn the baby spiders, which made their mother attack. Once the cellar was rid of those insects the party returned to the surface and discovered the missing children had made camp just inside the Vale.

The adventurers explored this camp and the surrounding woods. Then came across a frightened young girl, named Jeva, who used to live at the orphanage. She says the kids were taken by kobolds, and she will lead the group through the woods. The party came across two arguing bugbear brothers eating a lumberjack. Jeva ran and hid in the woods while the party made quick work of the two bugbears.



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