Exiled Zenj tribesman cursed by magic fire


While on a hunting trip the man who would come to be known as Bazbere came across a temple in the jungle. Always having a fascination with ancient ruins he and another youth decided to investigate where upon he found a damaged artifact. While trying to activate it catastrophe struck, it exploded killing his friend, burning his hands with primal magic, and destroying his shadow. The rest of the party brought him back to the village to nurse him back to health but once it became obvious that his hands would never heal and his shadow would never return, the tribe viewed him not as the boy he was but as some cursed thing that had been changed by the magic. The tribe striped him of his name and banished him.

While searching for purpose and a new life as well as coming to terms with his new found powers he was rescued by a group of pathfinders and their Pahmet Dwarf guide named Shothus. The dwarf took him under his wing and helped teach him to embrace the new magic that he wielded, he gave him the name Bazbere. He hoped to instill in the boy an eagerness for learning and encouraged him to travel and learn. It was while talking with one of the Pathfinders that Bazbere became enamored with the idea of traveling Avistan a place unlike any he’d ever been to. With the help of the Pathfinders and Shothus Bazbere was able to buy passage on a ship to Andoran where his dreams of adventure await.


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