Trit Hottlenail

Gnome ranger with a penchant for personalized weapons


Name: Trit Hottlenail
Race: Gnome
Sex: Female Age: 42 Height 3’ 4" Weight: 36 lbs
Class: Trapper (Ranger)
Profession: Explorer, trapper, and weaponsmith

Trit is a tall by gnome standards with a wiry build. She is as broad of shoulder as she is of hip. A trim and athletic form that is still distinctly feminine. Her rosy pink skin is contrasted by long locks of dark purple hair, shot through with streaks of green. Her large eyes are a vibrant blue.

She wears a mishmash of explorers cloths. Each piece seems to be liberated from a different outfit. Still, it seems well fit and functional with many pockets and loops. Tools and trinkets dangle from her person. Over that she wears her handcrafted armor. A sturdy breastplate with several interlocking plates. Chainmail is fitted to cover several joints. Metal vambraces and leg guards help bring her to near full encasement. Her helmet includes a slide down mask, with the addition of an adjustable lens that she uses in targeting. On her left arm is a round buckler with a cracked goblin skull painted on it.

She is well armed in the extreme with a stock of odd weapons. Each is handcrafted, but bears the designs of places she has been or people she has seen. On her back she carries a repeating crossbow marked with Tien designs. The aklys, a club with a hook at one end and a rope at the other, bears a dark Ustlavic etching. Chakrams from the east, daggers from the south. They all are made in her own style, drawn from her wide experience.

Trit tends to be in a cheery mood, even during grim times. It is fair to call her flirty and uninhibited in the extreme. She has a light personality, but her intense focus on her areas of interest make her a touch less endearing than some other gnomes. As well, she tends to be a tad morbid by most tastes. Her humor and curiosity often defies convention to the point that some find her eerie, though still mostly good hearted. Her actions tend to be forthright with little tact.


Trit was born in the River Kingdoms. With her parents she floated up and down the rivers through the various kingdoms and settlements. This provided a wonderful opportunity to see, do, and learn many things from many people. Upon reaching adulthood she set out on her own.

She traveled through Ustalav where she discovered her own knack for smithing weapons and armor. She spent some time in a small gnome community. It eventually became the target for kobold raids. She fought with the others and helped delve into the kolbold warrens. It was there that she developed an appreciation for traps, and how to dismantle them. After the kobold thread was dealt with, she moved on once again.

From Ustalav she continued around Lake Encarthan to Lastwall. It was a good place to practice her trades, but she found it only slightly less dreary than Ustalav. It was in Nirmanthas that she was able to hone her woodscraft. She fought with the rebels there against Molthune for several years. After several close calls, she finally bid her compatriots a farewell. While adventuring in Molthune would have been interesting, she wisely chose not to push her luck and took a boat to Druma instead. She had thought to keep circling up to Kyoin, but decided to continue south instead. Coming down from the mountain pass she found herself in the forest with a path towards Falcon’s Hollow.

Trit Hottlenail

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